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US 195/I-90


About the Study

Today, the US 195 merge with Interstate 90 (I-90) experiences both operational and safety issues. As the Spokane area grows, challenges facing the local and regional transportation system will also increase. Major residential and employment growth is expected in the West Plains area, and it will increase the number of people and goods traveling east-west between new growth centers in the west and existing centers in the east. With only four options for crossing Latah Creek, pressure on these routes (most notably the I-90 crossing) will intensify.

To address both existing and future challenges related to safety, operations, access, and infrastructure along the US 195 from Hatch Road to the merge with I-90, the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) is leading a multi-jurisdictional study. This study is a collaborative effort between SRTC, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the City of Spokane, Spokane County, and Spokane Transit Authority (STA).

Potential strategies for the study will range from coordinated land use planning to access management. The needs of all users will be considered throughout the study, including local trips, regional trips, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit, and freight. Strategies recommend as part of this study will be feasible and able to be implemented within a reasonable timeframe.

Project Schedule

Since the Community Meeting, the project schedule has been updated to include an overview of timing for the entire study process. The project schedule will include opportunities for the community to provide input throughout the study. The website will be updated to include the latest information on how you can participate.

Community Participation

Community Workshop

The first community workshop, held on Monday, February 10th, was an opportunity for community members to learn about the study, share their thoughts on the draft project goals, and pinpoint areas with safety concerns and transportation challenges along the corridor.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, materials are available below. You may then scroll down to share your thoughts in the ‘Share Your Thoughts’ section.

Workshop Materials

Online Survey

Establishing the project goals is a key step in the study process, as these goals will be used to evaluate potential strategies to improve safety and mobility along the US 195 corridor. The project team developed a set of draft project goals and then asked community members to tell us if there are any additional goals this study should consider, which goals matter most to you, and which users the US 195 corridor should accommodate. The project team is working to update the project goals to reflect community input. Check back soon for the final set of project goals.


How Can You Participate?

Share Your Thoughts

We’d like to hear your thoughts on safety concerns and other transportation challenges (missing connections, congestion hot spots, etc.) at specific locations along the US 195 corridor. Please share your thoughts using the interactive map below.

Scroll down to view the interactive map

To add comments or suggestions, please select the pin or line feature type that best describes the nature of your comment and add it to the map. Please also feel free to include an additional written comment with the pin or line you draw. When you finish your comment, click the submit button.

For more information,
please contact

Ryan Stewart

Spokane Regional Transportation Council

For more information, please contact

Ryan Stewart

Spokane Regional Transportation Council